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It is important to assess your skills at all phases of your career since you develop new skills at work, school, and through extracurricular activities.





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Tell us about yourself

A formal personal presentation of yourself. Talk about your education, your strength and your hobbies.

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Tell us about your work experience.

Talk about your background, past employment/internships and experience.

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What motivates you?

Motivation is frequently used to describe why a person does something. What makes you tick? What encourages you to do your best work? What inspires you? What influences you to be your best?

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Tell us your greatest achivements.

What are your biggest achievements? What are you most proud of? What was your biggest achievement in your current/last job? What has been the high point of your life?

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Explain us what are you good at.

What have you learned in each of your previous roles? What skills have you acquired over the period?

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Build your profile
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Record your selfie video
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Get confirmed job interviews

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Attract the best talent by casting a wide net with digital introductions and a killer candidate experience.

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Interview Tips

  • Do research about the Job Opportunity and the Employer
  • Prepare for commonly asked questions in Interview
  • Dress Appropriately
  • Always reach on time for interview.
  • Maintain a positive and confident body language and keep a smile on your face.
  • Never walkout of an interview without asking relevant question.
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Why Video Interviews?

Video interviews are on the rise and more employers are using it to screen candidates for employment. It saves time and hiring expenses for the employer. The video interviews are not only quick and beneficial for the recruiter, but are also convenient for the candidates.

A candidate can record a video interview anytime, anywhere at his/her convenience. Moreover it can be recorded in relaxed setting as a candidate is not under pressure to answer on the spot. A nicely made video resume will make you stand out.

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Giving video interviews

  • Use the best hardware technology at your disposal. Make sure the equipment is working fine and you are comfortable operating it.
  • Pick a good place for the interview. Probably an isolated room where you can block the interruptions and noises. Also check the background and lighting.
  • Rehearse for the Interview under similar conditions, with commonly asked questions.
  • Dress to Impress. Put on professional attire.
  • Maintain a positive and confident body language. Look into the camera and keep a smile on your face.
  • Speak in calm and conversational way. Don’t speak like you are reading out he answers.

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What We Do

We simplify the process of hiring by making the interview sessions more convenient and efficient for both candidates and employers.

Talocity initiated an innovative platform where an employee can showcase themselves through video resumes and interviews from anywhere. Employer can view video resumes and can invite the best candidates for the final hiring. It not only saves the time of the employer but also the cost and efforts of conducting the interviews.

We also help candidates to create an impressive video resume. Based on the submitted video, candidate gets an in-depth personality report produced after the comprehensive analysis by our experts. This report can be used by candidates to improve them and by employers to select the right candidate for the job.



How easy was the process, just register with Talocity and give one video interview. No hassle of going anywhere. No hassle of following up with the interviewer

-Ojasvi / BullNBar /BD Exec

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All I had to do was just answer the questions the portal was asking and upload my interview and I started getting e-mails stating my interview has been scheduled with different employers.

-Anirudh / BullNBar /BD Exec

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