World's First Talent Stock Exchange

What is Talocity?
Talocity is the world's first Talent Stock Exchange. We provide employers an Experience of View Hire rather than Interview & hire. We are a one-way video interviewing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis to give pre-screened candidates to employers.
Why Video Interview?
Video Interview enables candidates to maximize the footprint of their best interview over to multiple companies at their own convenience.
Where will this video be uploaded?
Candidate’s video is uploaded and saved in his/her portfolio account. It can be viewed only by the recruiter for the applied Job.
Can I re-record a video?
Yes, you can re-record a video but with a different code provided by the company.
Can I stop recording in between?
No, as it breaks the flow of the interview, so it has to be spontaneous and natural.
Can I re-answer any question?
This totally depends on the client requirement.
Is there any Mobile application?
Yes, we do have a secured and user-friendly android and iOS mobile application, named as “Talocity”.
Do I have to pay to register to Talocity?
No, registration or hidden charges involved.
Can I sign up directly from social media platforms?
For faster and easier experience, Talocity enables candidates to directly sign up through Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn account.
What is the time duration of video interview?
Duration of video interview depends on the number of questions the recruiter wants to ask, a recruiter can ask maximum 10 questions, however standard time duration to answer each question is 1 minute and to prepare each question is 30 seconds.
Will I get a call, message or email for any job?
If a candidate is shortlisted or liked by the recruiter, then the candidate will receive a mail, a text message and a voice recorded call.
How soon can I get the response after giving video interview?
This completely depends on the recruiter of the respective company.
Why can't I see my video interview in my account?
As your video is being processed by backend team, therefore you cannot see your video interview for that specific attempt.
What time of the day is recommended to upload a video interview?
The video interview can be taken anytime, anywhere as per the candidate’s convenience.
Can I choose more than 4 locations for any job?
Talocity enables candidate to choose maximum 4 locations for any job.
What is the interview code?
There are two types of interview code generated by the company’s recruiter:
  1. Generic Code – 6-digit generic code, which helps to apply for a particular job role and that same code can be used by multiple people or users.
  2. Personalised Code - 10-digit personalized code which is distinctive for each & every candidate and cannot be shared with anybody. Thus, the same code can be used by a single person or a user only.
What is the validity of the verification code?
As per Talocity guideline validity of the verification code has no time bound, however it depends on client confirmation to disable the code for specific JD.
By using same code, would my profile be visible to other employers?
No, every employer generates its unique code to ensure the purpose of secrecy.
Is the code applicable for other job roles for same employer?
No, for every job role different 6 digit & 10-digit code will get generated.
When verification code isn't working?
If the code is not working then the company might have disabled the code or might have already been used by the candidate.
Can I select multiple job roles?
No, for every job role a different code is generated.
My web camera's quality isn't up to the mark, what should I do?
Talocity does not require extremely high quality resolution. However, if the image / video generated is pixelated please do not use the same.
What are the Do’s and Don’ts to record a good quality video?
Do’s and Don’ts:
  • Do research the company beforehand.
  • Do complete full interview preparations before the interview.
  • Do dress up professionally.
  • Do remember to look directly into the camera when speaking so that you can maintain virtual eye contact.
  • Keep the body posture erect and maintain a confident body language, this is what employers look for.
  • Keep a smile on your face.
  • Prepare for commonly asked questions in Interview.
  • Do ensure that the backdrop is clean and white in color.

  • Don’t go overboard in florescent patterns that might interfere on camera.
  • Don’t slouch or lean back.
  • Don’t make so many hand gestures.
  • Don’t give video interview in a noisy place.
  • Don’t use fake accent and be fluent in English.
  • Don’t exaggerate, be precise.
  • Don’t skip any question, every question counts.
For how long will my profile be visible to employers?
Employer can view the candidate’s profile till the time it is saved on their server.
Can I refer my friends or colleagues?
Absolutely. This option is available by clicking on “Referral” button.
What kind of companies does Talocity hire for?
Talocity is open for all kinds of JD’s, thus it does not restrict to any industry or position
Can a candidate see the set of questions prior the video interview?
Yes, Talocity helps candidates with a time-bound of 30 seconds to prepare for the question prior the video interview.
Can I view company’s profile prior the video interview?
Yes, you can view company’s profile prior the video interview.
How can you help me with further assistance or query?
Feel free to reach out us @ https://talocity.in , wherein we are available to answer your query through mails, calls and chat.
Do I need to install any software to use Talocity on Web?
Since, Talocity is a browser based application, thus installation of any software is not required.
Is there a mobile app for a recruiter?
We currently provide web based services for recruiters and we will be shortly launching our recruiter mobile app and recruiter recruitment devises.
What's the file size for the candidate mobile app?
12 MB is the size of Talocity application for the candidate.
How much time it takes to get a personality report?
The amount of time taken to fulfill a request is 30 minutes only if video interview has been uploaded between IST 10 am - 7 pm else next morning, however reports are not available during the weekend.
What is Talscore?
Tal Score is the core patent that enables relevancy score of the candidate and is measured against a JD.
Can the videos be downloaded?
Yes, the videos can be downloaded on the computer or laptop, thus recruiter benefit out of it and can view the video as per their own convenience.
What is the data security / privacy?
The data including video portfolios, profiles, social profiles and the associated analytics will be hosted on our cloud servers. (As per point 5.8 of the contract- The infrastructure and processing cost associated with the database of profiles will be provided by Talocity free of cost to the Employer for a period of 15 days’ post upload of such data. Talocity will provide the entire functionality of the product alongside storage at an additional charge over and above the prescribed agreed period (Charges detailed in Annexure 5). This charge will be on a cumulative accumulation basis in order to account for each previous month’s product storage and product functionality benefits delivered to the client. Talocity will have limited access of the data uploaded via the Employer efforts until the Employer continues to pay for the requisite charges in lieu of the services, post which Talocity may choose to bear the cost of storage, in which case it shall gain full access and right to the data).
What kind of hiring does Talocity cater to?
Irrespective of any profile, Talocity does hiring for all levels.
Does the platform come with questions or can I set my own question bank?
Talocity gives recommendations on the questions that should be asked basis trending of Job descriptions. However, an employer can set his own questions also.
How will the candidate receive an invitation code?
Invitation would be sent to candidates via Email, SMS and automated IVR outbound calls.
Can I schedule all the shortlisted candidates in one go?
No, there is no such option.
Can Talocity engine be integrated with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
Yes, it can be done at an additional fee.
Can we have multiple login Ids?
Yes, Talocity comes with multiple login Ids for recruiters.
Do we have to pay for panel logins separately?
No, Talocity comes with multiple login Ids for recruiters in a default plan.
How many languages does the engine support?
The Talocity AI engine currently supports English language however, the BOT questioning in the video pitch can be catered across all languages.
Does the engine evaluate a video interview based on regional language for Personality Report?
No, since Talocity supports English language only so evaluation of other language is not possible.
Would engine evaluate written skills also?
No, Talocity does not evaluate written skills.
Does the application work without internet and at remote locations?
No, the app does not work without internet however runs at remote locations.
Can the video interviews be on client's server?
No, the video interviews cannot be there on client’s server.
Is Artificial Intelligence replacing recruiters?
No, Talocity assists recruiters in filtering and scheduling so that cost and time both can be saved in hiring thereby making recruiters more efficient.
Which all geographies do you provide the services in ?
Talocity provides services in United Kingdom, Unites States of America, Singapore and India.
What all support does Talocity provide?
Talocity provides support in sourcing through many ways:
  • Career Page and ATS integration with Talocity product
  • Workshop to build online marketing plan to increase traffic on career website / company social media pages
  • Support in online / offline campaigns to market employer website and/or specific JDs
  • Recording of one way video JDs
  • Recruitment kiosk to assist in recruitment drives / walk-ins
  • Digital-Reach to source from remote locations
  • Multiple logins for recruitment-consultant / internal recruiters / nominees / representatives of Employer, to support quality recruitment
  • Manual upload of candidate data for them to receive 6-digit code via SMS, email, IJPs, referrals
What is the procedure to avail a trial of the service?
No, Talocity does not provide any trial of the service.
How much time and money does video interview save?
Talocity saves up to 40% on Time-to-Hire and up to 60% on Cost-per-Hire. All this translates into a saving of 3-6% of the total company expenses in a financial year.
What is the duration of the sourcing support?
Talocity provides sourcing support as and when required on chargeable basis.
What are the benefits to the recruiter?
Recruiter benefits the following ways:
  • Simplify Recruitment process.
  • Reduce time to hire.
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Interviewing only pre-screened candidates.
How would a recruiter come to know the status of candidate’s acceptance or rejection of interview invite?
If a candidate accepts the interview invite then the calendar slot will be highlighted with blue colour and if he/she rejects the interview invite then it will be highlighted with black colour.
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